About Chronicles of Conakry


I’m currently in Guinea on a work assignment for an international development organization. Prior to coming to Guinea, I had a couple of reservations about this country.

  1. Ebola,
  2. I didn’t know anyone here,
  3. There was some tension between myself and some staff here, and
  4. Ebola (did I mention that already?)

All the same, I packed my bags (four suitcases) and flew out to Conakry. It’s been a month since I arrived and my reservations have all but vanished. I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS COUNTRY- The Food, The Music, The Art, but most importantly, The People.

Chronicles of Conakry is a weekly blog of my adventures during my four-month assignment. You’ll get to meet an interesting cast of characters that have made my trip quite noteworthy. In addition to posts from my current trip, I’ve posted pictures from a couple of my other trips to this amazing continent.

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